Saturday, January 09, 2016

You said you were afraid to lose me , then you faced your fears & left . Now , I am left with nothing but I am still madly , deeply inlove with you . I do not understand love nor myself for how am I able to still love you when you walked out of my life without giving me an explanation on how or why . Ive waited a thousand days & im willing to wait a million more fr you . But then again , you've hurted me to the point where im in piece & i cant put myself back together anymore .

 Remember the forevers and the promises ? Well now . I cannot blv in them anymore . You promised you would nvr leave and i promise i would nvr hurt myself but you left and now , i hurt myself . Again again and again . Guess we're even . I gave you everything of me and that was my biggest mistake , fr now . Someday , i hope i can look at you in the eye and feel nothing .

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