Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bae Kut Teh :3

Okay. Here some fact about this guy. Cute, thats all. Just kidding hehe. No actually, he make my life so much better . It has been years since we know each other. You hv been such a good bae, a good listener, mostly like my diary. Thanks for lending me your ears. Wasting your breath on me. Arguing with me over petty things. Endure my bad behaviours. Dude, stay being you in the way i knw you bcs thats the you that i hv always adore. All your ugly things are pretty to me .  

" aku sebenarnya dah penat layan kerenah dia ni " aaaaaaa pls dont . Tumbuk nanti . 

(3yrs & still counting......) pls bertahan dengan aku pls pls pls . Aku bom nanti